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Many of you have heard about the details surrounding the death of Shanquella Robinson of North Carolina, a young lady that went to Cabo, Mexico with whom she thought were her friends. While there, she was attacked by an individual she came with, while another recorded the attack. While that video was just a short clip of her more-than-likely demise, she was later found dead in their vacation rental with a crushed spine due to being beaten to death. Her so-called friends called her mother and told her that Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning then they returned to the U.S. as if nothing happened. This story has shaken the Black community as well as resonating with Black females specifically. While there are more details to the story and even more questions, the bottom line is that this young lady thought she was just going on a fun trip with a bunch of friends and ended up dead at the hands of 1 or more of those “friends.”

This story absolutely broke my heart. Who were her “friends”? Where were her true sisters? When you hear friends and family speak of Shanquella, they say she was the sweetest person and would give her last to anyone. She was always a shining light and never hurt anyone. How did such a bright and caring young lady end up with people who were evil and hateful that they would be willing to beat, murder, and leave her for dead – alone? Who does this? Who is this cold? Who is this callus? Our society encourages the “mean girl” mentality. Just look at the shows produced on TV that show women arguing, fighting, gossiping, backstabbing, fueling drama, etc. Social media constantly displays people going off or fighting one another. Why are we entertained by such violence, such hatred, such rudeness?

Many young women want friends, want to be accepted, want to be valued but more and more many of these same young ladies are willing to accept people (male or female) treating them less than what they deserve. They just want to be loved. You see, sisterhood is a necessity. We do need each other. Many have been hurt by others so much so that they are closed off to new relationships. They have turned inward. They keep to themselves. They don’t reach out to others. They may attend your services and your events, but they don’t look to connect.

How do we create an environment that fosters Sisterhood? Proverbs 18:24 states, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly…”. We must first be friendly and loving ourselves. We must be the symbol of sisterhood that we want to see in others. Are you loyal? Are you discreet? Do you cover your sisters? Are you always there with a loving smile and a tender word? Do people feel energized or encouraged after leaving your presence? Remember
sisterhood is an essential part of being within the body of Christ. We are admonished to teach the younger women in Titus 2:3. It is up to those of us that are mature in Christ to use love to draw young women. What if Shanquella had loving women around her that had her best interest at heart? What if someone poured in her and loved her so much that she would have recognized genuine friendship and love versus the deception of her so-called tribe? I encourage you today to reach out to 3 young women and make it your business to develop a relationship with them.
Build them up. Encourage them. Love on them…remember, love is free!